Welcome To Lautures

Hi Everyone 🙂

Welcome to Lautures, my name is Manny I am the founder of Lautures.com
Lautures will feature outfits with the styles of Street, Chic, Casual, Edgy and Minimal. Personally I love the bohemian and grunde style very very much
and I hope that I would be able to showcast those styles later on as well. Lautures is really a destination for all fashion lowers who would like to look trendy with a low budget and
those who seek for tips to styling their outfit for a special occasion.
Other than the fashion aspect of the blog there will also be a beauty section as well where I talk about make up products that I’ve used and recommend as well as tips for
better skin care.

I have always planned on doing something related to fashion in my career yet I never took the steps to do it so this year I decided I should open a fashion blog rather than
spend my time on my self-help blog. I am hoping to learn more about the fashion industry this year and meet the most talented people.

In Lautures you will be able to find outfits for specific occasions and the latest fashion trends and much more.
Hope you enjoy reading 🙂


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