A Woman’s Worst Nightmare

I haven’t blogged in a while and I do have a very valid and good reason for that ! It’s quite a woman’s worst nightmare actually..
Two months ago I moved to a new place with my boyfriend and ever since haven’t been managing to do all the laundry which eventually got us to a point of 30kgs of dirty clothes. There are certain items I even forgot that I owned since I haven’t seen them for so long. Anyways, to make our lives easier we decided to send our clothes to a laundry place to get it washed and 3 days later we call to ask them to deliver the clothes to our place and the most unexpected thing happened…

Exactly that week Israel has been hit by a really strong storm and the city I live at had electricity issues. The man working at the laundry place told us “Oh but your friend just got here took your laundry and paid for it”. For a few seconds I am starring at my boyfriend’s face and thinking to myself “wait, why would any friend of ours take our clothes?”. At first thought, we said perhaps it’s my boyfriend’s old roommate since they used to do that for each other but it made no sense because he doesn’t live with us.
We decided to give him a call anyways and ask him if maybe by mistake he took the laundry. It wasn’t him and he obviously told us “why would I take your laundry I don’t live with you guys… and it’s 5 bags of laundry!”

On a Sunday morning, we go to the laundry place to clearly understand what exactly happened to our clothes and what do we do now about this. Turns out the person who came and took our laundry did so during the electricity break so the cameras did not capture his face and left a fake company name, paid for the laundry and left. The laundry place told us that it’s most likely your enemies that did so to revenge for something… so try to think of whom it could be. The whole situation is absurd completely, from a costumer point of view it was like alright..but it isn’t our fault that you guys gave our laundry to another person who happened to ask for it. I really hope that other laundry places do not work like that either because if so it’s that easy to go and buy second hand clothes. Anyone could come in and basically say ” Hey ! Can I have {Insert common name}’s laundry? I am his friend” and that’s it someone can buy second hand clothes for a cheaper price.  We gave the laundry a week time to try to find the person who we hoped might have been a local customer of the laundry place that perhaps just took the wrong laundry bags. A week passed and no success… nobody showed up to the laundry place saying that they took the wrong laundry and well we gave up on the hope that we might find our clothes. We are most likely going to court to get a proper sum of compensation for our loss.

So at the moment, we are pretty stuck with barely any clothes to wear. We sent more than 10 pairs of jeans to be washed so I am literally only wearing 3 pairs of jeans since I don’t have anything else to wear ! Isn’t this a woman’s worst nightmare?! All the clothes which I have loved for years and the ones which I bought recently… but we do have to move on as they say. It’s not easy… I keep getting reminded of the items which I recently bought in the summer and the thought that I lost them really upsets me from time to time. On the bright side, I get to shop for new clothes ! I decided to make this a series of posts where I’d share what I purchase to complete my closet again. It’s quite tricky if you think about it… losing most of your closet means you have to buy everything you had from scratch… and because I am still a student I can’t exactly go wild and shop until my credit card starts having smoke come out. I have to shop smartly…starting from the very basics. It’s a complete closet renewal… like starting a game from the beginning. Well… Let’s start the game over?

Are you ready to jump into  My Journey to building a New Closet Again ? Let’s !

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