Friday Afternoons

As a student a week passes really fast and the weekend even faster and therefore I rather be comfortable all weekend if I have such choice. Friday afternoons going out for some sunshine or lunch usually has me at my most comfy outfit. The basics ; a t-shirt, jeans, all stars and a nice bag […]

Ready for a New Week

  Sundays…usually quite relaxing actually since I deal mainly with international companies and therefore even though it’s a working day in Israel I get to do my work without too much on my head. Yet for the start of the week, I have already gone through one hard exam this morning. I am also ending […]

The More Leather the Better

I have to say I’ve got a little obsession with leather. I think the more leather the better hahaha. A leather jacket is a piece that every girl should have in her wardrobe. A good leather jacket can be worn during the day and night and also every single day. They are more suitable for […]