Open Back Tank Top & Lace Shorts

The weather is getting cooler with time yet it’s still hot enough for shorts and a tank top during the day. Gotta take advantage of the summer outfits before it gets too cold here ! One of my colleagues is doing a marathon of her summer dresses because she won’t be able to wear them […]

Casual Angel : Jeans & A White Tee

I present you guys with another casual outfit :). It’s the type of outfit I’d wear everyday because it’s a very comfortable one and is casual. ¬†On days which I don’t need to dress too formally to the office I’d wear an outfit like that. It’s perfect for everyday strolling around the city and running […]

Summer Vibes

Are you feeling the Summer yet? I have already been to the beach a few times this month, enjoying the summer vibes very much ! I can’t wait to start the summer holidays already..have a little break from studies. This post’s outfit is slightly different compared to the usual outfits I post, now that it’s […]