Trend Alert : Bralettes

For the past few months bralettes have been catching my attention quite frequently. They are also referred to as bra tops , bralette tops or just bras. I love how we took the concept of bras and turned them into something fun to wear and a way for a woman to scream out her style […]

How to Forgive and Forget

Life isn’t all butterflies and rainbows, sometimes it has to hurt. People will hurt you, not always on purpose but it happens. You will break down, feel powerless and hurt yet you will stand up again. I am not justifying the people who may have hurt you but do you realize that this is life […]

Friday Afternoons

As a student a week passes really fast and the weekend even faster and therefore I rather be comfortable all weekend if I have such choice. Friday afternoons going out for some sunshine or lunch usually has me at my most comfy outfit. The basics ; a t-shirt, jeans, all stars and a nice bag […]

Ready for a New Week

  Sundays…usually quite relaxing actually since I deal mainly with international companies and therefore even though it’s a working day in Israel I get to do my work without too much on my head. Yet for the start of the week, I have already gone through one hard exam this morning. I am also ending […]