Relationships with Emotionally Immature People

People can have adult responsibilities and can manage an adult life completely yet still be emotionally immature. People who are emotionally immature tend to be affected by negative emotions and usually linger in them longer than they should be . The Negative emotions includes jealousy, insecurity, anger and depression.

Emotional maturity means being capable of handling and controlling your emotions and taking responsibility on the hard-ships in your life.
It’s the ability to see life clearly and be ready to deal with it. Life is never easy or comfortable, if that thought ever crossed your mind that life is going to be easy then you were completely wrong.. Life will always include hard-ships so that people can grow to their full potential. It’s very harmful for yourself to linger in negative emotions rather than letting them go after a while. It’s never easy to deal with negative emotions yet we have to, and we cannot let them affect our present and future. Negative emotions suck a lot of your power and productivity.

It’s quite challenging to deal with emotional immature people because of their reactions to issues life presents them with . Emotionally immature people tend to try to control everyone and everything around them so it reaches their so-called standards because they refuse to accept what life offers them. They cannot accept and work with what they get with a positive attitude, they would always have to complain or fight to get it changed. When sh*t happens to them they tend to blame everyone around and complain about it. It’s the typical characteristics of children : self-importance and self-centerdeness. Children tend to complain that life isn’t meeting their standards and demand to be treated in a special way.

They can be extremely competitive, always preoccupied with themselves and demanding irrational demands.Emotional immature people don’t tend to understand the needs and feelings of others, therefore it makes it hard for them to get along with people who become close to them such as lovers, family, best friends and roommates maybe.

I personally have had the chance to interact with quite many emotionally immature people in the past 4 years after graduating from High School. It always surprises me how people older than me are able to pull off acts of 13-year-old girls from middle schools. To my disappointment the amount of emotionally immature people I know only grows with time. It’s very hard to have a friendship with emotionally immature people because the way they prefer to deal with things is not what adults would normally do logically.

The List of things expected from emotionally immature people :

– Rejection of what life gives them

– Blame others for shit that happens

– Give people the ‘ Silent Treatment ‘ ( the most pathetic one I believe )

– Finds it difficult to take responsibility on things

– Doesn’t care about others but self

– Only sees their own efforts and not others

– Grudging and getting revenge on others 

Hopefully this post gave you pointers to identify emotional immature people around you or realise that you are one of them too.  I personally would advise not to deal with emotionally immature people in their way because most of the time it really doesn’t give any proper solution. An example would be the silent treatment, I don’t really think any adults have the time to play this game now that we ain’t in middle school anymore. Sometime it may be frustrating to deal with emotionally immature people but don’t let it get your guard off, don’t react in a way a 5 year old would and let the person grow up their own way.

Much Love Until the Next Lautures – Life Tips Post !

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