Yay Or Nay? Fishnet Tights Trend

I haven’t personally spotted anyone wearing fishnet tights here in Israel after Purim has ended. However, the fishnet tights trend have been a huge trend since the Winter. I have seen many posts about it and occasionally some bloggers rocking fishnet tights.  At first, I was actually surprised to see this trend happening yet without any doubt there is something very sexy about it. 

Like most trends either you completely fall for it or you completely despise it.  I personally think that it has something very sexy in an outfit with fishnet tights. Very daring, confident and sexy. It really gives an outfit that edgy feel and it also makes the outfit more interesting. As if it give the outfit a personality 🙂 I also understand that not everybody has the guts to pull it off.

You can be very daring and wear it underneath a dress or be a bit more subtle yet acquire that edgy look by wearing it under some distressed pair of jeans. Remember that you don’t necessarily have to go for the big diamond shaped fishnet tights, you can always go for a more subtle option which are the smaller diamond or circle shaped fishnet tights. It would look like a normal pair of tights from far and give it a pop of surprise for the person who gets closer to you. Honestly, I am dying to try this out !

I have seen bloggers and celebrities show off the fishnet tights trend by wearing it under their jeans and above their waist, paired with a grungy dress or skirt and shorts. You should keep it fairly simple when you pair a fishnet tights in your outfit.

Here are a few ideas 🙂


So what do you say about the fishnet tights trend? Will you give it a try?