Fall Trends 2016

Summer is coming to an end and fall is hitting us soon.. As much as I love the sunny days and spending my weekends at the beach getting tanned I must admit that I am excited for fall and winter.
I am not really much of a sandals person I prefer sneakers in the summer and I am usually wearing flats. However, in the fall and winter I barely wear flats because most of my boots have some heel. I am pretty excited for Fall and Winter. What do I love about winter the most? Boots. No debate there. Give a woman the right pair of shoes and she will conquer the world. So what’s coming up for us this Fall? Here are the fall trends of 2016 !

Here are the Fall Trends of 2016

Off shoulder
This trend is staying with us for the fall ! I have been digging the off shoulder look so bad recently. All year working hard on the upper body to rock these off-shoulder shirts and

Another trend which is staying with us for the fall. I like the rouffles trends, it makes my outfits feel much more feminine especially
when I don’t always manage to be feminine because of my personality hahaha

Tommy Hillfiger, Jason Wu, Valentino
Tommy Hillfiger, Jason Wu, Valentino

The comeback of the chockers… If you have been following me on Instagram you would have seen me posting a lot of photos from outfits with chockers
the past month. At first, I wasn’t that excited about this trend coming back .. but who was I kidding? I am a 90’s kid

Faux fur
Seems like faux fur is staying for a while ha? I refused buying a faux fur coat last winter because I felt like a teddy bear and I have no idea how other
fashion bloggers manage to pull it off so elegantly. Okay well… not all of them do but some manage to make it look nice. I personally feel like I lose all my
curves if I wear a coat that is made only of faux fur.

Turtle necks under dresses
Not a big fan of this I must say

Metalic tones
This trend I have been loving very much yet I haven’t managed to get a few pieces for myself yet. I love the metalic tone dresses and tops. Looks so fancy.

Nina Ricci, Tory Burch, Valentino

high knee boots
Oh I absolutely love high knee boots I think it’s so so sexy and I have a gorgeous pair from last winter which I bought from foever21. I can’t wait to wear them!!

Reconstructured jeans (patches)
This is totally a DIY mission hahaha

Velvet – A lot of velvet
I think velvet clothing is so 90’s and it’s so in now. I noticed Pull & Bear and Zara releasing a new collection of velvet everything ! Everything from tops to dresses and shorts. Velvet has been ruling the runways in fashion week so.. you thinking what I’m thinking?? Find those velvet pieces which you already on and start rocking them again ! Or add some new velvet pieces to your wardrobe ! I am adding a new post about velvet soon 😉

Ralph Lauren, Victoria Beckham, Ulla Johnson
Ralph Lauren, Victoria Beckham, Ulla Johnson

Here are a few items to add to your wardrobe this Fall !

So what do you think of these fall trends? 🙂
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