Tips For Wearing High Heels Every Woman Should Know

As a woman who’s more or less average in  height, high heels are really amongst my favourite things in the world. When I wear high heels I don’t look overly tall and it feels like the pefect height even when I wear short heels. Perhaps it’s a psychological feeling here hahaha

I believe that the majority of women do like to wear heels and no doubt we look fabulous wearing heels however, a lot of the times we really tend to suffer from high heels as well ! There were so many times that I came back home walking like a penguin after a night out wearing high heels. I felt awesome at the beginning of the night but towards the end of the night it was simply exhausting.True that they say no pain no beauty but hey ! we can avoid the pain or at least lessen it !

Here are a few tips for wearing high heels that I think every woman must know at some point in her life (obviously the earlier the better)Before everything… always get high heels that fit properly.. not too tight and not too loose. Wearing high heels that hurt your feet could be very damaging to yourself especially if you are someone who wears them everyday.

1) Get Gel/Silicone Insoles for areas you feel the most pressure on your foot
This could be your ankle area, or where your toes are. They can even help you avoid your feet slipping forward during the time you are wearing the high heels. Ever since I discovered this I bought a bunch and I always have them ready for nights I plan on going out with high heels.
2) Stretch out your heels with a bag of ice
Split a bag of water into the shoes and place your heels into the freezer. It’s a perfect trick for heels that turn out to be too tight on the toes after it was too late to change them. Works for regular shoes too !
3) A Proper Posture
To avoid unnecessary pains in the body you have to make sure you walk proper and maintain a good posture where your head and spine are straight and when you walk use your hips to shift keeping your legs moving in the center. You need to walk as if you are being pulled by a string from above.This way you would avoid a lot of unncessary pain and make weairng heels much more bearable.
4)Use Instant Heel Caps
Perfect for those pairs of high heels that you’ve worn down the past year or so. I don’t know if everyone are like that but when I purchase a particular item and I really like it I intend to keep for as long as possible, with heels especially ! !
5) Use Clear Gel Deodorant
It helps fight blisters ! I am sure by now you’ve had a few times where you got blisters from new shoes.. every woman goes through that and it sucks ass !
6) Tape your third and fourth toe with medical tape
Haven’t reallly tried this yet but I heard it  relieves strain on the nerve between toes three and four, preventing pain in the ball of your foot. Use the flexible kind of medical tape.
7) Gently  Sandpaper your Soles
This provides you with extra grip and so you won’t skid through the dancefloor or bar again. Let’s stay on the safe side 🙂
8) Foot Odor in Heels?
Put a pair of dried tea bags into the high heels for 24 hours
9)Soak your feet in tea
This soothes your blisters and your exhausted feet.







 Less pain more beauty ! I mean we do look better walking properly then hobbling through our way.
I hope this post will make your life slightly easier and prettier.
In addition to this post I wanted to introduce you guys to the newest member in the family. Meet Meeko !
She joined us a few days ago and is starting to settle down already. She’s the size of a hand and is the sweetest thing you’d ever meet.

DSC_0381I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful 🙂

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