The Marble Trend

This trend has been going on for quite some time already but only recently I spotted it in fashion as well which I found to be really cool. I am talking about the Marble Trend ! I’ve seen many other fashion bloggers showing the marble trend in their interior designs at home or in the office. At first I thought it was very interesting yet I wasn’t so sure how strongly I felt towards it so I didn’t proceed to look further.  Now that I moved to a new place I am looking adding some texture and some colour to my working spot in the house since I moved into quite an old house. 

Well other than interior designs, I’ve noticed this season that the marble trend is being implemtned into fashion much more than last year. I got a pair of sneakers with the marble print on them from Pull and Bear recently and I’ve been loving them with all my heart and soul.  I haven’t decided if clothing with marble print would be of my taste yet but I think accessories can absolutely feature it. Though I have a big feeling I would give it a shot because a marble print skirt could be really cool in my opinion.

I went on and tried the marble trend on my nails which turned out really cool, you can check photos of it on my Instagram ! You Can also check the DIY turtorial which I looked at to do the nails on my Pinterest account.
Here are photos of the sneakers which I got recently with the marble trend :
What do you think of this trend?
Would you give the marble trend a try?

Here’s a slideshow of items with the marble trend

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Sneakers – Pull And Bear


Stores which you can purchase products with the marble print

RevolveClothing  <– You Also Get 50% Off !

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