Spring/Summer Fashion Trends 2016

And… We are Back right in time to talk about the fashion trends for this Spring and Summer ! I haven’t posted much about the recent trends for a while so I’m quite happy to start Spring with this post πŸ™‚ I love this season of the year it’s not too cold and it’s usually really sunny here in Israel.

Let’s dig down into the Spring/Summer Fashion Trends of 2016 !

Lingerie Out Of Beds
By lingerie I mean the pieces of clothing that look like you would wear them to bed or at home. I personally haven’t connected to this trend so much. It feels weird so I don’t own anything like that as of yet. Perhaps if I bump into something extraordinarily nice I’d be tempted to purchase it.


Fringing Fringes
We have seen a lot of fringes in the past seasons and I have a feeling it is here to stay for quite some time πŸ™‚ Last summer I bought so many fringed crop tops so I am quite excited to be wearing them again this season and in the summer.

The X and Off Shoulder Cuts
Love this one since it shows off the shoulders. I even went and bought a black X crop top from PullandBear but ended too small on me. If you have well sculptured shoulders… this is your type of top ! In general this season there will be a lot of items that show off the shoulders much more than usual. Since it’s in the norm nowadays to live a healthy and fit life, I think the designers want us to show off our shoulders this season and make it sexier than usual ;).

If you have been following me on my instagram and facebook you would have noticed I’ve become an aerialist and been doing aerial silks/tissue for almost half a year. In addition to that, I have been doing aerial yoga, aerial hoop and pole dancing so I became more toned than before πŸ˜€ so I am looking forward to showing off some shoulders this season ! Hope you are too!


70’s Suede
Always loved suede and I am kinda glad it is staying almost in every season. I have shown you guys in the previous posts a lot of examples of suedes so I got lazy on this one πŸ™‚

The Comeback of the White buttoned shirt
This season we will be seeing many different versions of the typical white buttoned shirt that we are used to, longer in length, open shoulders, Β slashed open, ruffled and more.



There is something very feminine about the ruffles trend. Reminds me of what a flamenco dancer would wear.


Shiny Stuff
Shimmer, sequins and shiny fabrics are now available for you to wear during the day as well and not only to fancy events !



Must say I love the colourful stripes for the summer. The bright colours make it so much fun to wear.


The wrap
You know the skirts that look like it wraps your legs and shows a little bit of skin? This! It’s on for this Spring and you better get yourself a skirt like that. It’s not showing that much skin for it to be inappropriate for the office.

Tie Dye – More like TO DIE for !
I am obsessed with this ever since I discovered it which I can’t even remember when.I think this is my favourite one out of all the spring/summer fashion trends of 2016. Β I’m not into the overly colourful tie dye pieces of clothing but with around 2 colours I think it looks amazing. I recently purchased a tie dye set of bikini from Pull And Bear and I am so excited to wear it for Spring break. So So So excited !! Click here to see what Bikini I’m talking about πŸ™‚

I love the light blue and green dress from the image below.


What do you think of the trends above?? Are you looking forward to this summer?!

I hope you enjoyed this post ! There will be more to come πŸ™‚ I am getting back in activity on the blog and this Summer it would be my main focus as well since I am finishing my god damn degree !!

Much Love,

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