Sporty Chic Outfit

The Summer holiday is finally starting for me! I’ve been really busy with my exams and studies the past 3 months I barely had the chance to go out for shoots or post anything.
This time I wanted to freshen up a bit with the outfit posts here and upload a sport chic type of look.
I paired an American football inspired crop top with a skater circle skirt and white all stars.
This particular look I’ve worn a few times to school, it’s very casual and chic. Doesn’t require so much and looks effortlessly chic !

The Sporty Chic look is one of the latest trends in 2015 so now you would easily be able to find items that are sporty yet very trendy to wear. Sneakers are cool and trendy now. I feel bad for myself that I threw away most of my sneakers from High School .. they would have been the trendiest shit this season !
Actually I noticed that many brands started releasing sports wear as well which has quite an audience for I believe 🙂 Not everyone enjoys to work out but
everyone enjoys wearing something that makes them feel pretty. The combination of sporty and trendy is absolutely a must-have !








Be a part of the sporty chic trend !
Hope You enjoyed this post 🙂 !

Until Next time,
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