Not So Winter : Turtle Neck Crop Top & Maxi Cardigan

I think we are pretty blessed here in Israel for its winter weather, despite cloudy and rainy days there are many sunny days as well which is amazing ! I really like the fashion and the experiments you can do with your outfits in the Winter but like most people I don’t like being cold so being able to be a little warm from the sun light is such a blessing !

Ever since the story with my 30kg of lost laundry, there have been quite some shopping done. It’s less enjoyable when you are shopping because you literally have nothing else to wear hahaha. Each item I came across would make me think of the ways in which I’d be able to style it. I was looking for items that could be mixed and matched easily and I was looking for the most basic items.

Here’s one of the outfits that suits Israel’s slightly warm winter taken by my most favourite and bestie Yvonne Saba 🙂
The outfit contains two of my favourite items to pair the turtle neck crop top & Maxi cardigan. I love this look I don’t remember where I’ve seen this but I think it’s super chic. I have been attempting to get more turtle necks this season it’s quite a must this winter.
I apologize in advance I do have quite an obsession with PullandBear’s clothing, my closet used to consist of 90% PullandBear items and 10% Zara and Others.. Now I try to mix more and get items from other stores such as Forever21, Renuar and TwentyFourSeven. I try !












Turtle neck crop top – Forever21
Skinny Jeans – PullandBear
Black Ankle Boots – PullandBear
Maxi Cardigan – PullandBear

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