Metallic Tattoos

Along with the Bohemian trend this year came another trend which I’ve been particularly loving. It’s something which took temporary tattoos to the next level and even creating a new market for it. When we first think of temporary tattoos we don’t think of anything that we want to keep on ourselves for too long.. The first image that comes to my mind are butterflies and dragons which perhaps was cool a long long time ago but now.. not really. So this new trend this year is the metallic tattoos where all the boho elements like feathers, dream catchers and more became tattoos.

It’s something more than just a tattoo , it’s more like an accessory. Some of the tattoos really are made to look like accessorises such as necklaces, bracelets and more. You spot a lot of girls in raves and parties with metallic tattoos of all sizes.. I have already had many metallic tattoos on myself as well.. feathers, arrows, quotes, bracelets and more. It has become such a trendy thing that almost every local clothing stores start to sell them too, even a beauty line in Israel called Laline started selling them.

Certain stores sell them for higher prices and certain stores for lower… there are some metallic tattoos which I bought that got off after a party or after a shower which was quite a bummer. Perhaps the ones that are more expensive do actually have better quality but I haven’t tried enough to tell yet.

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Source : metalic tattoos
Source : Metallic tattoos
Source : metallic tattoos


I don’t know about you but the summer holidays are starting soon… plenty of wild parties in the weekends… I am planning on playing with a lot of metallic tattoos throughout this summer 🙂 !

You can purchase some metallic tattoos from two of my favourite stores online :
Gyspylovinglight Store

Child of Wild Store

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