My Favorite Swimwear Brands

Summer Time = Bikini Hunting Season

It’s something that every woman does once the summer season starts or ends…but every woman does it ! I am talking about buying a bikini for the summer, if it ends at one bikini it’s pretty good but in my case it’s usually 2-4 per year. Some women would rather wait until the summer is over to buy a few on the sale period for the next summer and some like me simply buy when the summer starts. I don’t know any girl that has only owns one bikini set.

I used to buy cheaper swimwear but they never really last long and I realized that sometimes you pay more to get the comfort as well. Some bikinis which I’ve purchased were just not comfortable. So with time I got stuck to very specific brands which I liked their quality and their collections.

Here is a list of my favorite swimwear brands 🙂

Alma Ola Swimwear

Source: Almaola Facebook Page
They are an Israeli brand and it takes a 40 minute drive to get to them but I made it my yearly thing where I go to them and get a bikini. I am absolutely in love with their quality and designs. If you check them out on Instagram you will understand what I mean. I also have a festish to all the clothing with an open back or any ties at the back which are different from normal bikinis. So initially I turned to them because they had a cool cross tie at the back which I like and ever since I saw my self visiting their store yearly. They also have an online store but I like going there to try it on before buying it.

Maaji Swimwear

Source: Maaji Facebook Page
They have every type of bikini you can imagine with the craziest and most beautiful prints ever. There is no way that you wouldn’t find anything that suits your taste there. I have first heard of them from Tone it up and have been obsessed about them ever since. I still haven’t bought a bikini from them this season but I am planning on it lol.


Source: Seafolly Facebook page

They also have crazy prints like Maaji swimwear I think I only started liking their bikinis when Asos kept recommending seafolly’s bikinis that were very similar to the ones I was looking at from Maaji. I love their quality and their trendy sets of bikinis.

These are the brands that I don’t mind putting some money to get a nice and good quality bikini for the season. Through the season there are chances I would browse through brands that sell swimwear for average prices like Billabong and Pull and Bear and purchase some bikinis there too. Bilabong has really decent quality and they are very comfortable usually while in Pull and bear it’s usually inspired from the latest trends.

What are you favorite swimwear brands and where do you shop for your swimwear? Let me know in the comments below!