Fashion Essentials Every Woman Should Have In her Closet

Well, every since the incident with the laundry I had to start shopping for the most basic items that one would need in their closet. It’s really like starting a new life when you need to buy basically a complete new closet.I didn’t exactly lose all my clothes… but most of my summer clothes. I bet when summer hits us again I will start feeling bad about the things I lost. Well, since I started shopping for all the basic items I think are crucial to have in the closet I figured I’d write a post about the fashion essentials every woman should have.


  1. White Plain Shirt
    I personally prefer it to be a v-neck t-shirt but obviously everybody and their own preferences. A White plain t-shirt is a must in the closet, it’s the most casual yet it could be worn in so many ways for so many different outfits. You can pair it with a skinny jeans and knee high boots or sneakers. You can also pair it with shorts or skirts… I lost the V-neck shirt which I had from France so I am on the hunt for the perfect white v-neck white t-shirt.
  2. White Blouse
    It is really one of the items that I find absolutely essential. Perfect for the days which you want to look slightly more formal and depending which white blouse it is that you choose, you can sometimes wear them for a completely different setting. I have a white blouse which I wear it as casual wear rather than formal.. I even went to the beach with it. A suiting white blouse and denim shorts is THE ultimate summer look which I love.
  3. Little Black Dress
    Never, never will I not have at least 1 black dress in my closet. I am so thankful I did not lost my evening dresses because that would have been really devastating. A little black dress is an absolute staple in every woman’s closet. What’s a woman without a black dress??!?! They are perfect for the nights where you want to look sexy yet not put too much effort. Depending how you style it and what accessories you match with your dress you can bring out a formal look, a chic look, a sexy look and even a casual look.
  4. Black Blazer
    I have always liked the look of blazers but I haven’t ever worn them too much unless I was going out which is ironic because you would normally think oh well a blazer would be easily worn for work. That’s the thing here in Israel, most offices do not have formal attire required  so everybody shows up in T-shirts and jeans. There are certain companies that allow if to be even more casual like wearing flip flops and shorts and there are companies that require you to look more formal. In my job  unless I have a meeting I don’t really come to the office wearing a formal outfit. So my black and maroon blazers have only seen the light of the nightlife in Tel Aviv instead. A Blazer gives an outfit a complete new edge. A Simple T-shirt and jeans outfit can be turned completely different by just adding a black blazer.
  5. Skinny Jeans
    The most basic of the basics which is very essential for every woman. A pair of skinny denim jeans  is the ultimate go-to in a woman’s closet. On the days which I don’t feel like putting too much thought into what I will wear or on a bad morning… I can just pull out a skinny denim and a t-shirt and still look fine. I feel like a skinny denim jeans is one of the foundations of most outfits and therefore I see it as a fashion essential that every woman should own because they literally go with almost anything. I lost about 6 pairs of denim skinny jeans… at the moment I have two only while one is actually a denim jegging.
  6. Skinny Black Pants & White Pants
    I am not sure why but I really find these two as crucial items that should be in my closet. When I want to look more formal and wear a nice blouse I’d wear a pair of black pants or white (usually skinny). I actually bought a new pair of white pants a few months ago and lost it in the laundry… which was a big bummer.
  7. A Cardigan
    A very very important item that I really think every woman should own. Personally I always have a cardigan with me during the summer since I work indoors and usually the office has blasting cold AC so without a cardigan I completely freeze. Other than work, also in the university I freeze if I don’t bring a cardigan and on buses or trains.. If you don’t have one I’d recommend getting one with a neutral colour that would go with any outfit.
  8. Leather Jacket
    I am a big fan of leather jackets and thank God I did not lose my 2 black leather jackets because that would be have devastating ! Leather jackets are perfect for Fall and sometimes Winter too. At the moment, I wear a t-shirt with a leather jacket when I go to work and if it gets a bit more cold I change to a shirt with long sleeves or even a sweater or both and grab the leather jacket with me. It gives an outfit an edgy look and I LOVE it!
  9. Black Leggings
    Oh this one is a must ! Especially in the winter and fall I like to wear a chunky knit sweater and pair it with leggings and black boots. They are so comfortable that I sometimes wear them at home as well and during yoga or a lazy day at home during the weekend.
  10. Light weight knit
    For fall and winter this is a must ! If it’s still quite warm you’d wear it alone and if it was warmer you can wear a t-shirt underneath or a buttoned shirt. You can pair it with leggings or skinny jeans or even a skirt.
  11. Winter Coat
    You need at least 1 winter coat to get through the really cold days of the winter. If you get a coat with a neutral colour and a style that is the most basic you would be able to wear it for years and it won’t look out of style :-). Last year for example, there were many chunky coats with fur..which may not necessarily work with the fashion trends this year or the next year.

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