Fall Trends You Need To Know About

I am still not digesting that the summer is over already.. It’s still pretty warm here in Israel which I guess is quite an advantage for us living here. As the season started I went over my closet and throw out things that I don’t really wear and got myself to know what is missing and what isn’t trending anymore. Following the Fashion Weeks, we have a clear image of what is going to be trending this season,

Here are a few of my favourite trends amongst all the other trends for this Fall

Everything Black…So Black
Head to Toe Black is Back again in trend this Fall.  We have seen it throughout the Fashion Weeks. Head to to black outfits are amongst my most favourite outfits to wear during the Fall and Winter. Since it’s quite warm here in Israel during the fall too so an all black outfit can sometimes be a bit too hot to wear.
Head-To-Toe-Black-500x375 Everything black img2 everything black img1
Turtle Necks
I have never really liked turtle neck sweaters or shirts when I was younger… I am not sure why but when I think of it now it seems like quite a good way to keep your neck warm during the winter. I have to admit I probably do not own even 1 piece of item with a turtle neck at least for now hahaha.

Long Line Blazers
There’s something very sophisticated and classy about long line blazers.In addition to the long line blazers also sleeveless vests are in now too. I’ve been trying to get my hands on a long line blazer , I think it would be a great new piece in my wardrobe.


Chunky Knits

One of the most comfortable things to do in the fall and winter is to pull out a chunky knit sweater and a pair of tight skinnies. It’s for a slightly relaxed day at a cafe drinking some hot coffee.


Plaid Pattern

I’ve always loved plaid shirts but haven’t started wearing them until last winter. This Season We will be spotting a lot of plaid shirts and other plaid pattern clothings such as dresses and scarfs. I have actually been seeing them in many stores and on other fashion bloggers.

fall_winter_2015_2016_print_trends_plaid_tartan_patternsplaid shirts

The trending colours for this Fall are many maroons, mustards, army greens, and  neutral colours such as brown and cream white.

Hope you enjoyed this post 🙂

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