Casual Summer Day : Red Crop Top & Shorts

Summer in Israel can get pretty harsh. There are days that I simply cannot manage to wear a pair of jeans because it is that hot. Here is an outfit that I’d wear on a casual summer day meandering around out of the office or running errands. It’s comfy and simple if I want to make it look a bit more chic I’d add in some accessories like a statement necklace or chocker necklace.

This is actually always my go-to outfit when I am too lazy to think of what to wear and I am not doing anything too special that day or going to work. When I used to be a student this would be the outfit you’d find me in almost everyday. I love comfort too much.. Nothing is more comfortable than a Red Crop Top & Shorts ! Red has also been one of my very favourite colours to wear the past 6 months, it’s such a powerful colour !

IMG_5779 IMG_5774IMG_5765 IMG_5799 IMG_5793 IMG_5790 IMG_5782 IMG_5740 IMG_5730

Hope you enjoyed this simple Red Crop Top & Shorts outfit 😉 !

What I am Wearing
Red Crop Top – Pullandbear 
Shorts – Zara
White Sneakers –Pullandbear 
Black handbag –Pullandbear 

Photographer : Yvonne Saba

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