18 Must Have Choker Necklaces

One of my very favourite trends this year, the chokers ! So 90’s and so in now. It was only when this trend was back that I started feeling very bad about throwing out all the chokers which I had as a teenager, they would have been more than perfect for this season. I think ever since I got my first set of chokers this year in TopShop I simply haven’t stopped wearing chokers with my day to day outfits and I obviously went and got more choker necklaces hahaha

I think I got another 2 sets of chokers from pullandbear and zara. I really think it adds a lot to an outfit and gives it an attitude. I wore a v-neck t-shirt, boyfriend jeans, a pair of Stan Smith Addidas sneakers and a choker. I think it completely gave the outfit a much more chic look than it would have been without the choker. So here I gathered a few of this season’s most loved chokers 🙂
Velvet is really trending this season… get a velvet choker ! 🙂

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