Weekends :: Floral Maxi Dress & Wedges

It has been 4 really busy months with projects, exams, work and moving to a new place. Barely left me anytime to breath not to mention to blog !
This time I am posting an outfit perfect for brunch in the weekends by the Port or in the mall ๐Ÿ™‚ Actually during the day of the shoot, wearing the floral maxi dress was quite a challenge because it was a really
hot day. However, still managed to look decent and walked around the old City of Jaffa.

I really like maxi dresses and when they are floral maxi dresses they give a very feminine feel to the whole look. I am not particularly a very feminine person usually so I need these floral maxi dresses to cover up a bit hahaha.
Even without the feminine part of it, maxi dresses in general are so comfortable to wear and elongate your body and if you add a pair of heels or wedges you look even taller. ย This particular floral maxi dress I purchased a year ago in Pull and Bear but there plenty of pretty floral maxi dresses in Revolve Clothing which are 70% off now.

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