The Bohemian Trend

Amongst the trends which I love the most is the bohemian trend, and I am happy to say it’s going to be one of the best trends of 2015. I have been eyeing a lot of new collections from different brands that are releasing bohemian styled clothing. Plenty of floral dresses, loose pants, bags, kimonos and much more. It definitely was one of the strongest trends that impacted the fashion shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris. Boho / Bohemian / Boho- Chic , whatever you’d like to call it is back for Spring 2015 🙂

I have always loved this style and never really had the chance to experiment with it too much.. I think this year would give me great opportunities to try out different ways of wearing this style. I am really looking forward to it and planning on purchasing a few pieces already.

I see the bohemian trend as very laid-back, artistic and peaceful. What do you think about the Bohemian trend ?

Bohemian Trend 2015

Bohemian Trend 2015

Bohemian Trend 2015Bohemian trend 2015 1_3044915a

Bohemian Trend 2015

I will later on upload a post on how to wear the bohemian trend 🙂 so stay tuned !

Let’s make love nor war 🙂 ! 

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