2015 Trends Alert # 2

Well as everyone knows this week was the New York Fashion Week and plenty of us fashion bloggers have been attending the show and some of us who cannot are here at home writing about it and getting excited to try the new upcoming trends.

After watching a few of the shows I have already seen many of those trends being applied by some people and also items of the trend popping up on some stores like H&M and Zara.

Amongst all the 2015 trends there is the trend of the suede and fringes, I absolutely love the two combined and I can’t wait to be rocking my fringe suede side handbag as soon as the rain stops.
Here are a few shots that I found online when I was checking out the trend





Pink is going to be quite a trendy colour this season, I’ve seen many outfits in the New York Fashion Week that were completely pink. I myself went an purchased a pink top in case I won’t be able to pull off the pink trend as well. I think this one is my best friend’s most favourite trend this year since she loves pink so much. What do you say about the pink trend?

luxury-fashion-ladies-trend-collection-line-style-elie-saab-resort (6)

Suede and fringes don’t necessarily have to go together, fringe can go alone as well. Fringe in general is one of the key trends this year , you’ll be seeing plenty of fringed tops and even bikinis this year if you haven’t seen enough last year 😛


Last but not least is the polo shirt trend. Not sure how much I like this one but it gives off an official feel for some reason and I think if I get the chance I’d probably try it out.
I definetely like the suede and fringe trend way more than this but well… trends are trends.



Hope you enjoyed this post, there will be much more coming soon !

Much Love

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