Metallic Tattoos

Along with the Bohemian trend this year came another trend which I’ve been particularly loving. It’s something which took temporary tattoos to the next level and even creating a new market for it. When we first think of temporary tattoos we don’t think of anything that we want to keep on ourselves for too long.. […]

IDC Fashion for a Cause

Last Sunday I attended a fashion event organized by the student unoin of  IDC, a college which I attend in Herziliya, Israel. This event was called Fashion IDC. The event was covered by the media quite nicely especially since it was a charity fundraising event where all the money actually went to an organization called Hayim […]

On the Roof

It’s finally sunny again in Israel after a few days of rain and coldness. I haven’t been out for a shoot for quite some time and the holidays here in Israel have ended meaning back to studies! It’s more difficult this way to find a day for a shoot but I am sure we would […]

Trend Alert : Bralettes

For the past few months bralettes have been catching my attention quite frequently. They are also referred to as bra tops , bralette tops or just bras. I love how we took the concept of bras and turned them into something fun to wear and a way for a woman to scream out her style […]

Friday Afternoons

As a student a week passes really fast and the weekend even faster and therefore I rather be comfortable all weekend if I have such choice. Friday afternoons going out for some sunshine or lunch usually has me at my most comfy outfit. The basics ; a t-shirt, jeans, all stars and a nice bag […]