Smashbox Light it Up Lipstick + Mattifier Set Review

Smashbox Light it Up Lipstick + Mattifier Review

The story of how I got to the amazing Smashbox Light it Up Lipstick + Mattifier Set is like a typical comedy romance movie. I walked into our version of Sephora here in Israel with an attempt to purchase ONE lipstick which I can wear on an everyday basis and I walked out with 6 lipsticks and a lip mattifier. The moment the sales lady showed me the kit I told her alright let’s pick out all these shades from the testers I want to see that they are good for me before I throw my money here.

I had a look and I fell in love with one specific shade instantly and the other 5 seemed to be decent as well. I don’t know if to say they are pretty universal but they did choose a very nice mix of shades for a kit. Those are actually 6 very popular shades of lipsticks from their be legendary lipstick collection.

During the first week after I purchased Smashbox’s light it up lipsticks + Mattifier set I was wearing a different lipstick every single day and then I basically knew which of the 3 I would be wearing the most. I am absolutely obsessed over the shades Fig, Famous and Primrose. I feel like the other 3 are for night outs or fancier events so I can’t always wear them to the office. When I wore the shade inspiration my manager thought I was going out that night and asked me what was the special occasion hahaha

Smashbox Light it Up Lipstick + Mattifier

Smashbox Light it Up Lipstick + Mattifier

The Shades (from left to right)

  • Famous – lightest of them all. It’s Nude with a little touch of orange. Absolutely love this one.
  • Fig – darkest of them all and the colour is like wine. Obsessed.
  • Inspiration – bold pink for girls night outs
  • Legendary – the ultimate red shade that Taylor Swift would be wearing
  • Primrose – a very natural looking pink which suits for everyday use
  • Tabloid – this one is sexy. A very vibrant shade of purple. Might not suit everyone but I can’t wait to rock it in a night out.

Smashbox Light it Up Lipstick + Mattifier

Smashbox Light it Up Lipstick + Mattifier

Overall I really like this set and I do think Smashbox did a brilliant job at choosing the shades. I never felt like it was dehydrating my lips or that my lips were getting dry from wearing the lipsticks too long so I can definitely say that it is true that they claim to moisturize and soften with shea butter and with vitamins C and E. They don’t stay on all day but isn’t it pretty normal to touch up after lunch? I don’t find myself touching up 10 times a day so I think they do the job. When I finish these lipsticks I will most certainly go buy the full size of Fig and Famous. FOR SURE! Those two are like my minions .. for my face.. hahaha

Concluding thoughts about the Smashbox Light it Up Lipstick + Mattifier Set

  • Amazing Variety of Shades
  • Very Pigmented & Glossy
  • Easy to Apply
  • Moisturizes the lips
  • Perfect Size for Traveling
  • Mattifier is really easy to use
  • Slightly long lasting

To purchase the the Smashbox Light it Up Lipstick + Mattifier Set Click Here

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Wishing everyone happy holidays!

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