MAC Giveaway Winner!

It was my first ever giveaway and I think it was quite successful. I learnt a lot from it as well. I myself went and purchased those products after I announced the giveaway. They were simply irresistible hahaha. It has been really fun doing this giveaway and I am really excited to announce the winner ! The Winner was chosen randomly by a software.

And… The Winner of this giveaway is @Jeraldinealvarezalejandro ! 🙂  Enjoy these amazing products and what you think of them !

Thank you all for submitting to this giveaway 🙂 I promise there will be more to come ! If you have any product suggestions for next time, please do leave a comment below ;)!

For those who didn’t win in this giveaway, you can purchase them below.
You can also read a small review I did about them in the previous post by clicking here

Stay tuned for the next post which I will be reviewing the Smashbox Light it Up Lipstick Kit 🙂
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