How To Avoid Getting Your Hair Tangled

How to avoid getting hair tangled on the motorcycle

I never used to get my hair tangled so much compared to now, I guess it’s because it’s much longer than before and the fact that I ride the motorcycle a lot with the boyfriend. This post was supposed to be more about avoiding tangled hair from wind when riding motorcycles or bicycles but then I figured why not make it a general one and talk about how to avoid getting knots. It took me sometime to understand that this cannot go on. I cannot be sitting at some sort of event with friends and attempting to open the knots that I got in my hair from the ride to the event. It’s embarrassing and it just doesn’t look good. Plus you always leave a trail of your hair around this way.

I have attempted to tie my hair into a pony tail and if it’s a high pony tail it’s not comfortable at all with the helmet on and if it’s a low pony tail it doesn’t really help much either.  I am not sure if for short hair that would work better or not but for me it didn’t. So what did I start doing? Braiding !  Actually I used to suck at braiding and still do in a way but I do manage to braid my hair so that it doesn’t get tangled when I am on the motorcycle. So for all you girls who have boyfriends with motorcycles or you girls who simply ride the bicycles a lot and suffer from tangled hair, start braiding your hair ! I believe it’s good for all windy occasions.

How to avoid getting hair tangled on the motorcycle

Here are some tips to avoid getting your hair tangled regardless of whether you ride motorcycles or bicycles

  • Brush your hair before you shower
  • Dry your hair gently
  • Don’t wrap your hair in a towel after shower
  • Do not brush your hair when it’s wet (it can damage your hair)
  • Get Regular trims to avoid split-ends
  • Use a comb then a brush
  • Use silk or Satin pillow cases to wake up knot-free 😉

Hope this helps you avoid getting your hair tangled! May the days coming upon us be knot-free !!