Lancome Grandoise Mascara – Review

Lancome recently came out with a new mascara called Grandoise. The wand of the mascara is a swan neck wand which provides length, volume and lift to all lashes. ( It is the first swan neck wand mascara which Lancome has released) A few months ago when I heard about this mascara I was already very excited to try it and once it hit the shelves here in Israel I knew I had to give this mascara a try. I have heard many good reviews about it before purchasing it. Actually I am a die-hard fan of Lancome’s mascaras I own three already (without the Grandoise) and I love them all.

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So after purchasing the Lancome Grandoise Mascara I figured I’d give it a few weeks test and post a review about it.
It’s a bit hard to get used to the wand at first but you get the hang of it very quickly. The formula of the mascara includes Lancôme’s rose cell extract, which nourishes and smooths lashes while providing infinite buildability which I find amazing. At least you know your mascara isn’t ruining your lashes ! My lashes like most other Asians are quite non-existent unfortunately, and therefore I always look for mascaras that give me enough volume, or well…make my lashes existent !

So far I’ve tried Lancome’s Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara, Hypnose Drama mascara and the Definicils masacra. Both the hypnose doll eyes and hynose drama give my lashes a lot of volume and I absolutely love both of them however, it is very hard to remove. Not all make up removers managed to take the mascara off and even if it does manage.. it would take me at least 5 minutes rubbing my eyes intensely. So that is the bad side of it but for special occasions I was able to make that sacrifice. The Definicils mascara lacked in volume yet it was much easier to remove so I would normally use it for days which I don’t put much make up and just want my lashes to stand out a little.

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Now the highlight here is the fact that the Grandoise mascara gives a very nice volume to the lashes and also is very easy to remove so I think I found the perfect one. The wand allows the formula to be applied on all the lashes creating good length and volume. I can wear this mascara all day and even cry and not look like a panda !  In Addition, when you take out the wand you are actually mixing the formula making it long-lasting. I am really enjoying this mascara and I haven’t stopped using it since day 1


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So have you tried the Lancome Grandoise Mascara yet? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think of it !

If you haven’t tried it yet you can purchase it here at Lancome’s site or sephora 🙂

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